Admin Guideline

Catalog menu

Categories, products, attributes and attribute groups, options, manufacturers or brands, downloadable products, reviews, information or CMS pages.
Enter, edit and organize products and information relating to your products in the Catalog menu.

  1. Categories
    Organize your products into departments.
  2. Products
    Enter text and images about your products.
  3. Attributes
    Features to be compared side by side by the customer using Product Comparison - like computer memory, RAM, hard disk size in computers
  4. Options
    Choices to be selected during checkout such as color and size.
  5. Manufacturers
    Manufacturer or brand names displayed to customer using Product Comparison or Brands link in footer.
    For products that are downloadable like ebooks or music, upload and describe the file that will be released after purchase.
  7. Reviews
    View, edit or approve reviews made by customers.
  8. Information
    Built-in Content Management System for custom pages in your website such as About Us, Privacy Policy, Delivery Information, Terms & Conditions. Organize pages into page categories.

Extensions menu

Modules, payment, shipping, order totals, product feeds.

  1. Modules 
    Information boxes account, affiliate, banner, bestsellers, featured products, Google Talk, information box, latest products, manufacturer or brand, slideshow, specials, store select, and home page welcome.
  2. Shipping
    Flat rate, free shipping, per item, weight-based shipping.
  3. Payment
    Paypal Credit Card Payment Ready, Bank wire transfer, cheque/money order, cash on delivery, free checkout, WorldPay.
  4. Order totals
    Order Totals are the screens that appear to the customer during checkout: coupon, store credit, handling fee, low order fee, reward points, shipping, sub-total, taxes, total, gift voucher.
  5. Product feeds
    Google Base, Google Sitemap.

Sales menu

Orders, returns, customers, affiliates, coupons, gift vouchers and gift voucher themes, send mail or newsletter.

  1. Orders 
    View, add, edit or delete customer orders, generate invoices or packing slips, email a customer about their order.
  2. Returns 
    Issue an RMA Return Management Authorization number to a customer, track return status, return inventory to stock, give credit or refund.
  3. Customers 
    View, add, edit or delete customer records.
  4. Customers -> Customer Groups 
    Add, edit or delete customer groups such as wholesale, employees, clubs.
  5. Affiliates 
    Other websites refer business to your store or to a particular product, and if the referral produces an actual sale, the affiliate automatically earns a referral fee.
  6. Coupons 
    A coupon code issued the store owner, often in an email to all customers. Anyone who has the coupon code can use it.
  7. Gift Vouchers 
    Customers can purchase a non-refundable gift voucher of any amount between $1.00 and $1,000.00 by clicking the footer link "Gift Vouchers."
  8. Gift Vouchers -> Voucher Themes 
    Select an image for the gift voucher email. Birthday theme is included.
  9. Mail 
    Send an email or newsletter to customers.

System menu

Settings, design, users, user groups, localisation, error logs, backup and restore.

  1. Settings
    The general store configuration for initial setup.
  2. Design
    Manage ad banners and slideshows.
  3. Users
    Add or edit Administration users to process orders or assist with technical work in your store.
  4. User Groups
    Create roles for Administrative users, then assign users to those roles.
  5. Localisation
    Information specific to your local area, including currencies, languages, wording for stock and order statuses, where you will sell, tax you will charge, whether to use inches, millimeters etc. in measurements and kilos or pounds in weights.
  6. Error logs
    A full log of every error message your store experiences.
  7. Backup and Restore
    Save or restore a full or partial copy of your store's database to your personal computer.

Reports menu

Sales report, products viewed, products purchased reports.

  1. Sales Reports 
    Orders report by date, store, or specific order status; Sales tax report; Shipping report; Returns report; Coupons report.
  2. Products Reports
    Product list sorted by number of viewings; Products Purchased list sorted by number of purchases.
  3. Customers Reports
    Orders report, Reward Points report, Credit report.
  4. Affilates Report
    Affiliate commission report.
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